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Aladzha Monastery


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Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha monastery is located 17 km. northeast of Varna sheer cliff of Frangen Plateau, almost 40 meters. He belonged to a large group of natural caves, some of the soft limestone sediments on the bottom of the ancient Sarmatian Sea. The real Christian name of the monastery is unknown, it is assumed that "aladzha" called from Ottoman rule. Aladzha translated from Arabic-Persian means motley, colorful - the name given to it probably kept to the time frescoes of the chapel.
Initial studies start performing Shkorpil brothers care management negovotto take Varna Archaeological Society and Museum. Aladja rock monastery consists of two levels, first is church, a chain of monastic cells, a requiem church, kitchen, crypt. On the second floor there is a large natural rock niche, after which there is a small chapel which is reached by a wooden staircase from the ground floor where you are a patron zaupokoini prayers. Here are best preserved medieval frescoes originator due to the difficult access.

West of the monastery in the dense vegetation of the park "Golden Sands" are another group of caves uses named by Karel and Hermine Shkorpil as "Catacombs" - presumably a hermitage and monastic on three levels. It is believed to be inhabited in the early Christian era (IV-VI century), the grounds of which are found fragments of pottery, coins and engraved crosses. Later, during the XIII-XIV, "Catacombs" and "Aladza" monastery form a larger monastic complex. Ceased its active existence in the XVII - XVIII century

The complex is a museum where you can see a reconstruction of the monastery and "Catacombs", icons and church supplies. On the second floor are part of the mosaic floor of the second Early Christian basilica opened in "Han Krum."

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