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Clock Tower


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Varna Municipality

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Clock Tower

The idea to build an impressive city clock tower was accomplished in 1888 at the time when Krastyu Mirski was mayor of Varna. Varna municipality assigned to architect Sava Dimitrievich the project of a stone fire tower with a clock that should be 24 metres high. The construction site was carefully chosen - the new clock tower in the city park and the Cathedral formed the city centre boundaries of those times.
In two years' time the new clock tower and Saedinenie (Union) Hall were ready and officially opened to visitors. Firemen used the tower since high buildings were still rare and from top of it they could watch over the entire city. At daytime they used coloured flags to signalize for fire and at night signals were exchanged by lit lanterns. Those fire prevention activities stopped in 1898, when the fire brigade was equipped with a telephone line. The clockwork was purchased from England and the prominent revolutionary Oton Ivanov fixed it on the tower. He dedicated his life to the clock tower.

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