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Dzhanavara - a sacred place of early Christianity


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Dzhanavara - a sacred place of early Christianity

4 km west of Varna, near the southern shore of the lake in the area Dzhanavara, is Early Christian church with mystical history and unusual architecture of the time.
The plan of the building is unique in the Bulgarian lands. Description of the structure is relatively full - it has a nave with apse interior, ednodelen narthex and atrium had a colonnade. Object size in length 31 m, width 28 m and a wall thickness of 2.5 m nave church is built of alternating layers of hewn stone blocks.
The church walls were covered with marble flooring at the bottom, and above them were paintings of which are found only tiny pieces. The floors of the central nave, Baptistery and the altar was covered with large marble slabs and the other rooms - with colorful mosaics decorated with floral and geometric motifs. Eastern areas were two and probably acted as pastoforii - dyakonikon and protezis. Their second floors are used for defensive towers.
First place Dzhanavara was studied in 1915 and 1919 by brothers Herman and Karel Shkorpil . In their excavations in the early Christian church was opened masonry brick tomb where he was buried very old man. Until it was wrapped in gold-tissue and placed in a small wooden casket relic of an unknown saint. The altar only three reliquaries - marble, silver and gold, adorned with precious stones and grenades. They were put together.
Follower of research brothers Shkorpil in the study of the early Christian church in the area Dzhanavara is Alexander Minchev - Fellow department "Archaeology" of the Regional Historical Museum - Varna.
In 1997, together with his assistant - archaeologist Vasil Tenekedzhiev during excavations reveal domestic spaces, proving that the church was part of the monastery complex. This is a sensational discovery for the site, which proves that the early Christian church in "Dzhanavara" has a historical value of global importance.

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