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Ethnographic Museum


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Varna Municipality

Varna na mladite

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum in Varna opened on July 27, 1974. The museum is located in a renaissance house of the "symmetrical houses", which was built around 1860. The museum shows the rich diversity of culture and lifestyle of the population of Varna region in the second half of the XIX and early XX century.
On the first floor of the museum shows the main occupations of the population - agriculture and animal husbandry, beekeeping, fishing, wine and crafts - cooperage, copper, leather and homespun interesting exhibit in the museum is the old small plow "dyolmedzha" used for plowing the ground to start of XX century Showing more containers to store grain, and making bread - chit, kuhel, noshtovi (wooden bowl), bread shovels. In the museum are presented and two custom work associated with seeding and harvesting.
On the second floor of the museum are displayed costumes, which give an idea of the demographic landscape of the Varna region. Clothing of settlements in the Varna region is characterized by its wide variety due to the complex migration processes occurring in the early decades and at the end of XIX century are exhibited costumes of each of the main ethnographic groups in the region - the local population and migrants from Thrace Minor Asia and Macedonia. Presented is the ritual clothing customs - Christmas Petlyovden, Lazarus. Displaying and moments from a wedding - Bringing the bride from home, tray with gifts and "Camels" - masquerade, our games running in the New Year.

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