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Museum of natural history


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Varna Municipality

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Museum of natural history

Natural History Museum in Varna study and promote the organic world of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Scientifically exposure is built on the principle of evolution and it is divided into three sections: geology, flora and fauna.
Completely remodeled is the "Geology and paleontology", where contemporary popular science level is presented the complete classification scheme of minerals, the origin of rocks, modern geochronological table, fossils from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, including the impressive remains of Proboscidea mammals inhabit our coastline. For the first time, a unique for Bulgaria fossil teeth from discoveries in Aksakovo prehistoric elephant Prodinoterium bavarikum. Renewed botanical exhibition provides information about all types of vegetation typical of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and flora of marine algae. Of particular value are those plant species of conservation. Refreshed are three halls representing fauna classes: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, where e exhibited globally endangered Red-breasted Goose.
Wu visitors interest would cause two new dioramas bringing color in the microenvironment of the exposition with strong contrast and saturated images and light on two specific issues - forest world and waterfowl. In them they will find new homes stuffed black stork found dead near Dobrich in the beginning of the year, and wild boar, strafed personally Slavi Trifonov. By the end of the year is expected to be completed in the preparation of the famous Varna zoo brown bear Martha, who beshe euthanized a few months ago due to illness. Great Dream of employees of the Natural History Museum for the coming year is the project for a garden of Japanese-Bulgarian friendship around the museum building in Varna, totaling 78 million Japanese yen.
2009: Exposure to Natural History Museum of the Sea garden is enriched with the famous stuffed with two killings of people in Varna Zoo brown bear Martha, who beshe euthanized in 2008 due to illness. Recently the museum is exposed only in Europe, finding teeth of prehistoric elephant Protanankus which has so far found only in Asia and Africa.
For educational purposes is illustrated complete classification of minerals according to the latest systematic scale of the famous Bulgarian scientist, mineralogist Academician Ivan Kostov of 1993
In the diorama "Water fowl" is exposed preparation of black stork found dead near Dobrich in 2008

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