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Pobiti kamani (Stone Forest)


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Varna Municipality

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Pobiti kamani (Stone Forest)

Đ¢his is one of the unique natural phenomena, both in Bulgaria and in the world. The area is located near Varna coastal lakes. The whole face is covered by a naturally formed rock pillars, hence the name in. They have an area of 70 Their height ranges from 5 to 7 m and a thickness of 0.3 to 3 m columns are hollow, solid foundations and are heavily eroded. Their shape resembles a cylinder.

According to the researchers formed 50 million years ago, when South Eastern Europe was the bottom of the sea due to underwater volcanic activity, accompanied by the release of methane gas. Gas bubbles coming out of the seabed, dragging molten lava that instantly cools and solidifies upon contact with the cold water. After the formation of columns methane continues his way, making them hollow in the middle. ADS is a landmark in 1937.

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