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The Naval Museum


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The Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is one of the symbols of Varna. Situated in the southern part of the Sea Garden. Beautiful museum building was built in 1890 for the Italian consul Asaretto. The park is arranged collection of marine guns, the old lighthouse at the port of Varna and one of the first Bulgarian minesweepers. In the museum includes almost 1,000 exhibits, which is only one percent of the wealth in his funds. It traces the chronological navigation along the shores of our land from ancient times to the present day. Moreover, you can see the boat "Cor Caroli" and two helicopters from the helicopter squadron of the Navy. The most valuable exhibit is the destroyer "Daring" placed there in 1957, glorified by torpedoing the Turkish cruiser "Hamidie" on 12 November 1912. This is the only ship of its kind to be preserved until today.

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