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Varna Archaeological Museum


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Varna Archaeological Museum

Varna Archaeological Museum is a Established in 1887 by brothers Herman and Karel Shkorpil.
The museum keeps the oldest gold in the world discovered in 1972 near Varna . Varna Eneolithic treasure dates back to 4200-4600 BC. It consists of jewelry and bracelets, mostly forged or cast. The alloy gold purity of 13 to 23 carats with a total weight of 6 kg. Guarded by special arrangement.
The museum is housed in the old building of the Girls' High School in Varna on "Maria Luisa" № 41. It was built in 1892-1898, designed by architect Petko Momtchilov. The building is neo-Renaissance style, on two floors and a large patio. The museum has a repository libraries, educational children's museum and a large exhibition area. The museum is arranged in thematic rooms.

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